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A Street named….

The names of the streets that surround where I live in Devonport, in Auckland, reflect the area’s Victorian heritage. Running through the centre is Victoria Road which turns predictably into Albert Road. A popular place to live, and an equally … Continue reading

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Darwin was wrong

It sometimes seems that whether a person who was well known in their lifetime remains famous or becomes a footnote of history is a matter of luck. Victorians might be surprised by many of those who have survived history (and … Continue reading

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Charles Augustus Howell

  A portrait by Frederic Sandys (1882) One of my favourite Victorian scoundrels and an inveterate footnote of the period is Charles Augustus Howell. He is actually quite well-known – notorious – but mostly because he regularly features in the … Continue reading

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Guest Post

This is a contribution from Dave George, an Australian historian who wrote a PhD thesis on a now forgotten English radical John Baxter Langley. In this post he introduces one of my favourite types of characters, the Victorian Scoundrel Count … Continue reading

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“Mr Wilde’s Thrilling Legs”

Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour around the US in 1882 is well known and oft-mentioned and hardly a footnote. It was a considerable commercial success and the stories of him endearing himself to a wide range of audiences including Colorado miners … Continue reading

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Hatch, Victorian Villain or Forgotten Hero

Just after the first posting on this blog, I received an invitation to attend a play at our local Victoria Picture Palace Theatre in Devonport, Auckland. This is itself a footnote, being the earliest custom-built cinema in the Southern hemisphere … Continue reading

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Foundation Footnote: John De Morgan

John De Morgan   UPDATE: Since originally posting this six years ago, I have continued to discover much more about De Morgan, most notably through the continuing digitization of sources, particularly newspapers; the discovery in California of an extensive collection … Continue reading

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